CrossFit Ocean Beach represents the best and most advanced fitness methodology on the market.  This methodology offers real results that come from real training without gimmicks, empty promises, celebrity endorsements, or infomercials.  There is no question about the efficacy of our programming: ask any CrossFit member of any CrossFit affiliate and you will get the same answer.  The results that CrossFit delivers are simply not in question.

How does CrossFit deliver these results?  CrossFit Ocean Beach is not a “gym” in the sense of big-box, brand name fitness centers, which are filled with expensive machines, people “working out” in isolation, and offer limited results to your pursuit of health and fitness.

CFOB is filled with practical equipment (e.g. medicine balls, Olympic weights, pull up bars); programming that utilizes functional movements (think squat vs. leg curls); engaging people; experienced, involved, and invested trainers; and a sense of community driven by a collective quest to be the healthiest, fittest, most active, happiest people on the planet without regard to age or natural athletic ability.

Yet another great aspect of the CrossFit methodology is that it has something to offer everyone, regardless of current fitness capacity.  Think about it: an elite athlete needs to gain strength and power, which she may do through a movement called a power clean.  A new grandmother needs to be able to pick up her grandson to carry him to his crib.  The movement is essentially the same.  Our physical needs in this world do not vary by type, only intensity.  Think about that!  This is what we mean by functional movements.

To sum it up,  joining CrossFit Ocean Beach is more like becoming a part of a team in training for a sport that knows no season but that of life.  You get coaches, teammates, and programming instead of confusing equipment, an isolating iPod, and no sense of purpose. 

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