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Tuesday 6.27.17: Core, Tempo Squat, Speed Squat, Run, Pullup, Air Squat

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PreWOD Core

2:00 Low Plank

2:00 Arch Hold

1:30 L Side Plank

1:30 R Side Plank

Tempo Squats

5 x 3 @ 30-40%

-2 seconds down, 3 second pause in bottom

Tension in the bottom position should be maintained. Don’t squat soft.

Speed Squats

3 x 8 @ 30-40%

Each set should be completed with as much speed as possible while maintaining movement standards.

10:00 AMRAP

200m Run

10 Pullups

20 Air Squats

Monday 6.26.17: “McGhee”

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-Compare to 8.26.16-


U.S. Army Cpl. Ryan C. McGhee, 21, was killed in action on May 13, 2009, by small-arms fire during combat in central Iraq. He served with 3rd Battalion, 75th Ranger Regiment of Fort Benning, Georgia. This was his fourth deployment, and his first to Iraq.

He is survived by his father, Steven of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina; his mother, Sherrie Battle McGhee; fiancee, Ashleigh Mitchell; and his brother, Zachary.

30:00 AMRAP

5 Deadlifts, 275/185

13 Pushups

9 Box Jumps, 24/20

Friday 6.23.17: Snatch Complex, Snatch, OH Lunge, Burpee Over Bar, Core

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Snatch Complex

10:00 EoMOM

2 Pressing Snatch Balances

2 Snatch Drops

2 Heaving Snatch Balances

Use light weight and focus on speed under the bar for dynamic lifts.

12:00 Snatch

Build to a heavy single for the day.

3 Rounds

5 Snatches

10 OH Lunges

15 Burpee Over the Bar

Rx: 95/65

Rx+: 115/75

PostWOD Core

2 Rounds (NFT)

25 Bicycle Crunches (2 for 1)

25 Banded Good Mornings (light)

Tuesday 6.20.17: Partner Row, Wall Ball, Ring Dip, Pullup, HSPU, Jog

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Partner Row

Complete 2000m total. Partition as you wish, but complete equal amounts of work.

For Time:

30 Wall Balls, 20/14
30 Ring Dips
20 Wall Balls
20 Pullups
10 Wall Balls
10 Wall Balls
20 Pullups
20 Wall Balls
30 Ring Dips
30 Wall Balls

Cool Down (NFT)

800m Jog (Coronado)

*This is not optional. Run or jog at an easy pace and loosen up.*