CrossFit Group Class is our flagship program. Through forging the connection between technique and functional movement, we are given the opportunity to build ourselves into better humans on a daily basis.

Our workouts are meant to be scaled and are suitable for all ages and physical abilities. The three pillars of our programming are: Cardio/Respiratory Endurance,Weightlifting and Gymnastics. This combination allows us to become the most well-rounded versions of ourselves that we can be.

We offer 25 CrossFit Group Class options per week, in small enough groups so that you can get the individualized instruction and attention from our highly experienced and Certified CrossFit Trainers. 

The programming is effective, educational and fun. Our goal is for you to not only improve your overall health and fitness but to also learn something new about your athletic potential in every class.


Our Cardio Endurance program is designed for those who are looking to improve their aerobic capacity. We all want to get faster, have more endurance and increase the time it takes to hit our personal threshold. 

Beating a 200m sprint to death in order to get faster isn’t going to necessarily give you the result you are looking for. Instead, we focus on slowing you down, increasing the distances and helping you learn that you need to train all your gears instead of just one.

This 45 minute class, offered every Tuesday at 8:00am, is an effective and creative mix of running, rowing, biking, and some other functional movements to help you maximize the aerobic potential in all your training efforts.


Saturday mornings at 8:30am we come together as a gym to move! Think cardio, core and unilateral movements put together in a fun and engaging structure that we call the Saturday Sweat Sesh. 

This program is designed in a way that allows you to hit it really hard if you’re feeling it, or back off a bit and just get some really good movement in. Intended as a break from our weekly CrossFit programming, this class is simply just your body and maybe a dumbbell, kettlebell or medball. 

Our Saturday Sweat Sesh is the perfect way to cap off a week of training and get your weekend started with a ton of good energy!


We offer over 40 hours of Open Gym per week so that you have the enough options to get your training in. Whether you are wanting to do our WOD, your own programming, or just coming in to mobilize and stretch, our fully outfitted indoor/outdoor space has got you covered. 

Open Gym is included with all our Membership and Drop-In options.


We offer Private and Individualized Training Sessions to help you achieve your personal health and fitness goals. Private Training allows you to maximize your accountability and perfect your form by working one-on-one with a certified and highly experienced coach.

To get started with Private Training, please contact us with your availability and goals and we can schedule a time for you to come into the gym, meet your coach and create a personalized plan to help you get to where you want to be.


Focusing on sound Nutrition habits that are realistic and sustainable go hand-in-hand with an effective training program. 

Our in-house certified Nutrition Educator, Sierra Peralta, is available to assist in guiding you down the path to a healthier lifestyle. You can learn more about Sierra and her programs here.

CrossFit is constantly varied, functional movements at high intensity. Our goal is to train our athletes, helping everyone achieve their fitness goals.
CrossFit recognizes that there are 10 attributes to fitness: cardio/respiratory endurance, strength, stamina, flexibility, power, speed, coordination, agility, balance and accuracy. We strive not to be an expert at only one or two of these attributes while forgoing the rest, but to be good at all 10.
The best part about our workouts is that they can be easily scaled down (or up) so each individual athlete can reach their own intensity level.