Body Composition Testing: Go Beyond the Scale

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People come to CrossFit for community, motivation, and to get healthy. For some of us, that means getting stronger. For others, that could mean building muscle, losing weight, or adding some years to our life! So, how do we measure these changes? When we lift more, we know we are getting stronger! But for those that want to change their body weight, a scale can be really deceiving. After all, your weight is just a number, and losing weight is not the same as losing fat. Likewise, gaining weight is not the same as gaining fat! Body weight fluctuations are normal. Small weight changes (1 to 4 pounds) over short periods of time (like the weekend) do not usually reflect fat loss or fat gain. In fact, those few pounds may be the result of normal fluctuations the body goes through:

  • water retention (carbohydrate intake, electrolyte balance, etc.)
  • side effects of medication
  • not getting enough sleep
  • menstrual cycles
  • and more!

These sudden weight changes can sometimes lead to an obsession with the scale. In the case of sudden weight gain, a higher number on the scale might even inspire you to overcompensate by restricting certain foods. However, research shows that long-term habits make a greater impact on long-term health and weight management, while trying to correct sudden weight changes with short restrictive sprees is less effective 1, 2. This is why, when it comes to tracking biometrics for sports nutrition, we look at much more than weight. Track what matters!

The InBody 570 goes beyond the scale by showing you a detailed view of your body composition: water, fat, and lean mass. You can use these results to:

  • see your starting/baseline composition. This is ideal if you’re new to CrossFit!
  • learn about your risk for chronic diseases
  • track changes from a new nutrition or fitness approach.
  • track physical changes during major lifestyle shifts (having a baby, getting a new job, etc.).
  • learn how to eat based on your goals for weight management and health.

Scale versus InBody 570

The InBody scan is fast and simple. There are no bathing suits, x-rays, body pinches, or invasive techniques involved! Simply stand on the measurement pads and hold the metal handles for 30 seconds. Then, get your results printed immediately!

Body Composition Test: $50

  • 1 InBody Scan 
  • Printed results
  • A 10-minute review with a nutrition coach on how diet and lifestyle affect your results

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