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We love having visitors from different CrossFit boxes around the world come to San Diego and workout with us!

In accordance with the current health guidelines set forth by the County of San Diego, we are currently allowing up to 10 athletes per class. 

Since these are smaller class size caps than we normally have, we are having all Drop-Ins purchase a spot in class prior to arriving at the gym. This ensures that you will have a spot assigned to you in the class time that you reserve.

(*Due to our temporarily limited class sizes, the following class times are unavailable for Drop-Ins: Saturday 8:30am)

Please use the Zen Planner calendar below to purchase and reserve your Drop-In (or use the Zen Planner app if you already have an account with us). 

Single Class Drop-in: $20
*Membership expires after your first class. Class must be booked within 7 days of purchase.

One Week Drop-in: $55
*Membership expires 7 days after your first class. Class must be booked within 7 days of purchase.

Once you purchase your Drop-in Membership, you will then be allowed to reserve your spot in class just as all of our active members do, by using our Zen Planner app. Classes open up for reservations 48 hours prior to class time. 

You can also check the class calendar below, or on the app, to see the current available spots in a particular class before purchasing your drop-in. Both drop-in options will not start until you book a class. Be sure to cancel your reservation if you cannot make it into class. All no-shows will count as a used class. Both membership options are nonrefundable.

Thank you for understanding that this new process might contain a few extra steps than normal. Our goal as a gym and a community is to get through this together, while continuing to work on our health and fitness in a very positive and inclusive environment. 

And if you have any questions at all, use the form below to send us a quick message, and we’ll get back to you immediately!

See you soon!

Single Class Drop-In: $25
One Week Drop-In: $59
Two Week Drop-In: $109

Remember to take a picture after your workout and tag us!
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