Meet The Team

Meet The Team

Brian Pitilli

Head Coach Brian Pitilli discovered CrossFit back in his home town of Brooklyn, NY in 2012 and was immediately hooked. After many years training in big box gyms, running and cycling, Brian was searching for something that combined all areas of fitness into one program that would actually help him achieve the results he was looking for. The idea that a fitness program can be effective, educational and fun changed Brian’s perspective on what a daily practice in bettering your health and fitness should be all about.

Brian took over as Owner of CrossFit Ocean Beach in January of 2020. Since then he has completely revamped not only the look and feel of CFOB but what its guiding principles are:

CrossFit Ocean Beach is a members-first gym, with a focus on helping you achieve the results you want through attentive coaching, education, and programming in as positive of an environment there can be.

Our philosophy on coaching is that your health and fitness comes first. Every individual that walks through our doors becomes a priority on Day One. 

The grassroots foundation of CrossFit – Efficacy, Efficiency and Safety – holds true in our approach to coaching and programming.

Efficacy: What is the return of this work you are putting into yourself?

Efficiency: How long does it take to better yourself through our programs?

Safety: How many of our members end up at the finish line?

Our goal as a coaching staff is to guide you in the proper direction to achieve the results that you want in a realistic time frame.

Eric Gohl

CrossFit Level 2 Trainer

Crossfit Certified Gymnastics Instructor

Crossfit Certified Kettlebell Trainer

Certified Precision Nutrition Coach Level 1

USAW Level 1

Favorite Movements: Power Cleans and Snatch

Allison Bates

CrossFit Level 1 Trainer

United States Marine Corp Officer

Favorite Movements: Double Unders and Overhead Squats

Brian Pitilli

Owner / CrossFit Level 1 Trainer

Favorite Movements: Back Squats and Snatch