Monday 200323: Home WOD 4

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In case you haven’t checked your email, please do so! The gym is closed until April 1st. Home versions of the workouts will be posted that you should be able to do with little to no equipment. Contact us if you need help. Check workout notes at the bottom for tips! I miss you already!

15:00 AMRAP

30 Double Unders/Single Unders or Jumping Jacks
15 Single Arm DB Hang Squat Cleans or Backpack Hang Squat Cleans
15 V-Ups
-1:00 Rest-

Every 2:00 Bulgarian Split Squat or Static Lunge

6 x 8/ea Leg

-Complete 8 reps on both legs every set-

Workout Tips

  • If you didn’t get to adopt a kettlebell or dumbbell from the gym, find a bag or backpack and fill it with all the things! Within reason of course… This will be your new exercise buddy!
  • Jump Rope: Doubles or Singles if you don’t have them down just yet. Jumping Jacks if you don’t have a rope available to you.
  • Hang Squat Cleans: If you borrowed a DB/KB, complete the reps with a single arm and alternate arms each rep. If you’re using a larger object or backpack, complete 15 reps just the same but use both arms to move your weight. Remember every rep is from the hang, so you don’t need to touch the floor. BUT, you do NEED to squat (for the booty).
  • V-Ups: Work those abs and fold in half!
  • Bulgarian Split Squat: Hold your weight however you like. Set your lunge stance but have your back leg elevated to a level that still allows you to get into a deep lunge. If you’re unable to touch your knee to the floor you should be very close. Be mindful of posture and knee position here. If there isn’t a steady surface to elevate your leg, just complete the reps as a Static Lunge and complete 8 reps on one leg, then 8 reps the other. Rest until the next 2:00 mark once you complete all 16 reps in the set.
  • Have fun, smile, and get your sweat on. Don’t forget to disinfect after! <3