Newsletter 10-20

Newsletter: October 2020

Emily Abbott: The Art Of Being An Athletic Woman Workshop

Join Emily Abbott for a workshop at CrossFit OB on November 10 at 6:45pm.

Who is this workshop for?

Any woman who desires a deeper connection to her body. By understanding and embracing the ebb and flow of your physiology you can tap into unimaginable power and radiance! Not only will you see a major boost in athletic performance, you will see transformations in your professional and private life as you tap into your full feminine potential!

Hard driven women are only operating at 50% of their energetic capacity. Through my own wild journey, countless hours of research and consulting experts, I will share my methodology in high performance optimization, fierce self love and embracing divine feminine energy. To be an athletic woman is truly an art.

Click here for more info and to sign up!

Body Composition Testing: Go Beyond the Scale

The InBody 570 goes beyond the scale by showing you a detailed view of your body composition: water, fat, and lean mass. You can use these results to:

  • see your starting/baseline composition. This is ideal if you’re new to CrossFit!
  • learn about your risk for chronic diseases
  • track changes from a new nutrition or fitness approach.
  • track physical changes during major lifestyle shifts (having a baby, getting a new job, etc.).
  • learn how to eat based on your goals for weight management and health.

The InBody scan is fast and simple. There are no bathing suits, x-rays, body pinches, or invasive techniques involved! Simply stand on the measurement pads and hold the metal handles for 30 seconds. Then, get your results printed immediately!

Body Composition Analysis: $50


  • 1 InBody Scan 
  • Printed results
  • A 10-minute review with a nutrition coach on how your diet and lifestyle affect your results

For more information, chat with a coach or book a body composition test by clicking here.

New Coach Alert!

We are excited to announce that Coach Ethan is the newest member of our coaching staff here at CFOB! Ethan comes to us with quite a few years of coaching experience under his belt as well as having his CrossFit Level 2 Certification. You can look forward to taking class with Ethan on Tuesday and Thursday at 4pm starting this week!

Additional Open Gym Hours

Starting Saturday, November 7th, we will now be offering Open Gym from 10-12pm! Be sure to still reserve your spot via the Zen Planner App just like you do for our weekday open gym sessions.