Nutrition Coaching

One-on-One Nutrition Coaching

Health doesn’t just happen at the gym. Learn how your diet is affecting your fitness.

The Coach

Sierra Peralta, MS ACE-CHC is a local nutrition educator and fellow weightlifter. She completed her graduate studies in nutrition and is a Certified Health Coach through the American Council on Exercise. Sierra’s background in health communications, public health, and nutrition puts her in a unique position to help you unlearn common messages about food, dieting, body image, and your health. Her goal is to help you develop informed, sustainable, food decisions that suit your lifestyle and ideal picture of health.


  • Someone who wants to invest in your long-term health.
  • Someone who wants to enhance your performance and fitness results.
  • Someone who wants to change your body composition.
  • Someone who is ready to quit dieting and dedicate yourself to sustainable habits.
  • Detailed diet and nutrient analysis
  • Individualized nutrition planning​
  • InBody 570 composition testing
  • Nutrition for sport performance
  • Nutrition for weight management
  • Supplement analysis
  • Guided grocery store tours​
  • Refrigerator and pantry makeovers
  • Meal prep and cooking tutorials

Note: The coach generally does not implement or endorse fad or detox diets.

Initial Consultation


  • Initial consultation with a qualified nutrition coach to talk about your health status, lifestyle, dieting history, and nutrition-related goals
  • Learn more about the coaching process and what results you can expect, given your resources and individual needs

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Body Composition Test


  • Non-invasive test that accurately measures your body fat, muscle, and water weight in minutes
  • Calculates your resting metabolic rate (RMR)
  • Provides segmental fat & lean mass analysis
  • Identifies inflammation and swelling caused by strenuous exercise or injury
  • Tracks your progress overtime as you take multiple tests