Saturday 200321: Bonus NOT Partner WOD

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In case you haven’t checked your email, please do so! The gym is closed until April 1st. Home versions of the workouts will be posted that you should be able to do with little to no equipment. Contact us if you need help. Check workout notes at the bottom for tips! I still miss you!

3 Rounds

40 Glute Bridges
20 V-Ups
10 Seated Press
10 Handstand Pushups or Yoga Pushups
20 Bent Rows
40 Mt. Climbers

Workout Tips

  • If you didn’t get to adopt a kettlebell or dumbbell from the gym, find a bag or backpack and fill it with all the things! Within reason of course… This will be your new exercise buddy!
  • Glute Bridge: Lay on your back and bring your feet halfway to your bum. Press your shoulders and hands down into the floor as you squeeze your butt cheeks to lift your hips into the air. Basically, hump the air, but with intention! Make love to the air. Cleanse it of all things Coronavirus and bad energies…
  • V-Up: A tougher situp variant, lift both your torso and your legs (as straight as they can be) to reach and meet in the middle. Be careful to not just lift one or the other. It should be BOTH!
  • Seated Press: With your weighted object of choice, sit up straight with your legs out in front of you and press your object up over head while maintaining perfect posture. I will accept nothing less and I see everything.
  • Handstand Pushup: First off, don’t kick a hole through your wall. Also consider no shoes for the sake of your paint job. Those of you that are used to having a mat under your head can sub in a pillow or folded blanket/towel instead. Scale with yoga pushups if that all sounds too ambitious. Yoga Pushup entails completing a pushup and flowing into Downward Dog for each rep. Woof.
  • Bent Row: With your weight in hand, hinge at your hip with slightly bent knees until your flat back is parallel to the floor. Row or pull the weight from a hang to your rock hard abs each rep. KEEP YOUR BACK FLAT. Don’t bounce up and down either you weirdo.
  • Mt. Climbers: In a plank position, jump one foot to the outside of the same side hand and then jump again and switch sides. That is two reps complete. But you need 38 more so keep going champ!
  • Have fun, smile, and get your sweat on. Don’t forget to disinfect after! <3