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At CrossFit Ocean Beach, we’re in the business of changing lives through CrossFit here in San Diego. So when we hear great member stories like these, we literally box jump for joy! We hope you’ll be our next success story.


    ” This box has changed my whole group of friends.. they all train at this box now..”

  • Drop in Love

    Dear Blake, (owner)

    I was able to do a drop in today with Coach Eric.
    I am sure you all ready know how wonderfull all your coaches are but I thought I should let you know that Eric is amazing.

    Although I was the only person in the class, Eric made the session stress free and fun. I was given a lot of wonderful pointers to ensure I was doing the movemnets correctly. I finally am able feel what it means to “stay in the heels” when lifting! Eric was able to postiviely motivate me… even though I was certain I was about to die.

    I went in to the work out a tired, and feeling awful from my road trip. Eric was understanding, and helped pushed me further then I could have done on my own. At the end, I left Ocean Beach Crossfit feeling like a million bucks.
    Thank you for welcoming me for the day!

    Warm Regards,


  • Jenn B.

    I’ve been going to CrossFit OB for almost a year and have nothing but good things to say about it. I was never really into working out, but more importantly I hated the typical “gym” atmosphere. Being petite and skinny, I was looking for a way to build strength, yet had no idea where to begin.

    Enter CFOB. I started with the free class on Saturday and immediately signed up for the on-ramp program. Eric was extremely helpful in teaching proper technique and motivated me to find my balance but also understand my personal limitations. I began normal WOD classes with confidence, but the CFOB community enhanced it even further. Everybody at this box is extremely welcoming and friendly. We all want each other to succeed! Nobody is left behind or criticized for their ability, or lack thereof.

    Within months, I was began setting personal records and lifting weights that, to me, seemed unimaginable. I not only see the difference in my body, I feel it too. Thanks CFOB for getting me started on this active and healthy lifestyle.

  • Fran I.

    I cannot say enough good about CFOB. Seriously this place is great!

    -All the trainers are top notch and push you to perform at your best. They all know their stuff and make sure you have proper form and avoid injury. Their encouragement and helpful tips have helped me get stronger and faster.

    -CFOB has a fantastic community. Seriously everyone here is SO nice and SO supportive. Additionally, there are frequent group events.  Really this place is the “friendliest CrossFit.” Even just at WODs, members are super friendly and offer any assistance they can when they see you struggling with a movement.

    – CrossFit will get you into amazing shape! I was pretty intimidated and apprehensive to try CrossFit due to a number of injuries and what I considered limitations. CrossFit has taught me that I can do a lot more than I realized, and that things I haven’t mastered yet can be scaled.

    Anyone can do CrossFit, and there is really no better place to try than CFOB! Definitely recommend to all.


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