Thursday 200326: Home WOD 7

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Want a free Crossfit OB shirt? Uh duh, of course you do you silly goose. Well, all you have to do is record you crushing your workout, post it to the Gram (Instagram for the Boomers), and then tag us “#crossfitob” and at us “@crossfitob”. That’ll put you in the running for these hot desirables. SWAG!

For Time

50 Alternating Lunges
40 Goblet Squats
30 Burpee Tuck Jumps
20 Overhead Lunges
10/ea Jack Knife Situp
20 Overhead Squats
30 Burpee Tuck Jumps
40 Goblet Squats
50 Alternating Lunges

10:00 Alternating EMOM

8 Pushups
4/ea Arm Renegade Row

Workout Tips

  • If you didn’t get to adopt a kettlebell or dumbbell from the gym, find a bag or backpack and fill it with all the things! Within reason of course… This will be your new exercise buddy!
  • Instagram: Look up “crossfitob” and watch our Story. Brian is awesome and demoing every movement you need to complete each day. If you missed a day, you can check the Highlights for a recap. Today is Home WOD 7.
  • Renegade Row: In the video, Brian didn’t have a proper weight to demo with. In plank position and one hand holding a weight, maintain a strong plank position as you row the weight off the ground to your side. Repeat this on the other side for the required number of reps.
  • Bonus: If you didn’t read the header up top, if you do the workout and video it and post it and tag us (it’s not as cumbersome as it sounds) YOU could WIN a sexy Crossfit OB shirt! HOT DAMN!
  • Have fun, get your sweat on. Don’t forget to disinfect after! <3